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Nylon/Spandex Headband - Firmer Fit
Nylon/Spandex Headband - Firmer Fit
Nylon/Spandex Headband - Firmer Fit

Nylon/Spandex Headband - Firmer Fit

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These headbands are an optional extra.

You can choose to have your bow hand stitched and glued onto one of these super soft and stretchy spandex headbands instead of on a clip for an additional $2.

These headbands are the thicker of our 2 stretchy headband options, and my product testers and their Mum's have found this to fit newborns and smaller babies best. They're also a fab option as a statement hair tie for donut buns, or teenagers and grown ups with loads of hair (i.e. dreadlocks or braids).

They are seamless which means no irritating stitching. If your new headband is a little snug on your wee one at first, try putting it over something large, such as a big mixing bowl or saucepan overnight to stretch and soften it. 

I hand stitch your bows to these comfy headbands, and may also use a hot glue gun or pads of felt depending on which bow you choose. This means they are more resistant to fingers that like to pull and tug, and more durable than a bow simply glued onto the band.

The fabric, felt and faux leather bows are great options for spandex bands; please check the descriptions of each bow for my recommendations when making your choice.

Please note that as the bows wrap around the band and are secured on the underside, the glitter options may be a little scratchy, especially if your wee babe doesn't have much hair. The bows made from glittery fabrics may also catch or snag on these bands.

Please remove these headbands before bed time or naps, and especially supervise those under 3 as accessories can present a risk of choking or strangulation.