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Itty-Bitty + Little Sister Sized Bows

Lovingly handmade in New Zealand, the bows and hair accessories in The Little Sister Collection are the perfect size for those first up-do's, for little wispy fringes as well as for pigtails or the ends of plaits.

The alligator clips used in these bows range from a tiny 2cm up to 3.5cm, so there is an option for every little girl.

  • 2cm clips (micro sized bows)
  • 3cm - 3.2cm (itty-bitty sized bows)
  • 3.5cm (little sister sized bows)

The ribbon wrapped construction gives great grip, and they stay put really well.

Many of the fabrics used to make these pretties are also available in Big Sister and/or Middle Sister sizes, perfect for matching outfits.

"Ready To Send" means the bows are available as listed, and cannot be customised. "Made To Order" means the bows are precut and can be assembled onto a different sized hair clip, or they can be handstitched onto your choice of headband for an additional fee.

"Made To Order" also means there's enough fabric available and you can choose to have 1 of a pair on a clip and the other on a headband, or you can mix and match your pairs.

If you'd prefer to swap your bow clip in and out of a headband, there's a great interchangeable option so you can double the wear of your bows.

Check out our headbands and additional extras here: 

Custom orders are always welcomed; if you'd like something extra special, or you love a fabric but would prefer a different bow shape, please touch base to and we can work together to make that perfect pretty.

Cute as they are, most Ruby + Bear items comprise of small parts that may present a choking or ingestion risk. Please don't let your children go to bed or nap with any Ruby and Bear accessory. The spandex bands present a strangulation risk. Ruby and Bear recommends supervising kids, especially those under 3 around their hair accessories and asks you don't let them mouth or chew them.

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